1. General
2. Ordering
3. Payment
4. Shipping
5. Other Information

1. General

What are the main changes to the “new” JiMiAgency™ update?

We have taken shipping costs out of our product prices. Instead, shipping options and prices will be automatically calculated based on your location. We have automated the registration system to be more streamlined and convenient for everyone.

Where are you getting these products made?

We are partnered with trusted and tested sources from South Korea.

We are currently establishing and testing out sources from other parts of Asia. Once we deem them to be reliable and safe, we will consider offering more options in the near future.

Why do you mainly work with Korean sources?

We understand that sources from other countries may be cheaper and faster. However, we want to have as much control over the quality and safety of your artwork as possible. As we have agents in Korea, we are able to have them physically reach our suppliers to provide additional insurance for our clientele.

Why should I go through JiMiAgency™ when I could go to the source directly?

You’re welcome to explore other options, but what we uniquely offer is an added layer of safety and simplicity. There are always risks with business, especially when foreign entities are involved. Our experience in dealing with these specific issues gives us the knowledge and skills to resolve them on your behalf.

Furthermore, we dramatically reduce your costs and minimum order quantities by running “group orders” in a consistent and organized manner.

2. Ordering

JiMiAgency™ periodically creates group orders. Each group order includes a set of products that we have preselected.

When a group order is open, our shop will allow you to pick from the items that we have included in this order. Visit our shop to specify which product(s) you are interested in producing, and the set quantity of that product that you wish to produce.

Once selected, you will be prompted for payment. Completing payment will reserve you a slot in our group order. You will have a limited period of time to submit your art files to us following that. Once every slot has been reserved (or a set period of time has passed), we will begin production following our set schedule.

See How to Order for more information.

If we cannot reach the minimum orders required to proceed with a group order, we will cancel the order and refund the involved artists.

What do you mean by “group order”?

Production costs for printing become increasingly affordable when mass quantities of the same type of item are ordered. We organize orders into groups to create savings that benefit each individual who participates in the order.

How often do you open up group orders?

Starting in 2018, we aim to run a group order every 1-2 months.

Please follow us on our social media or join our mailing list for our schedule updates.

Do you offer all your products in every group order?


Bookmarks, posters, and sticker sheets are consistently available in each order. Other items are selected based on demand. For example, if enough people want Washi tapes, we will include them in our next group order.

Feel free to drop a suggestion on what items you hope to see in our next order. We often send out surveys to everyone on our mailing list where you can vote on which products you would like us to produce, so be sure to join!

Do you plan to offer new products?


We are always looking for new and awesome product possibilities! But before we offer them publicly, we test out the quality of the source first. If you are interested in being one of our beta testers, please email us about it [jimiagencyinc@gmail.com] and we will consider you.

What does “remaining quantity” mean?

For some products, we purposefully set a hard limit for quality control. If we force our sources to produce an unreasonable quantity within a limited time frame, it increases the likelihood that the quality of the final product will decrease. Production and shipping may be delayed as well. Both of these factors can negatively affect everyone participating in the group order.

As a result, we only produce limited amounts of certain products per group order. If we run out of a particular product, either check back at a later time or email us about your interest in that item. If you choose to email us, we will add you to our waitlist, where you will be contacted if any stock becomes available (e.g. a cancellation by another client in the current order).

To make certain that your orders are processed in a prompt manner, make sure to complete your payment as soon as possible, as we use a first-come-first-serve basis.

What is a set quantity? What does “per design” mean?

Our products can only be ordered in quantities that we have pre-set. Each product has its own set quantities and is calculated on a per design basis. In other words, the set quantities for a product are applied to each design that you submit.

For example, the minimum set quantity for a bookmark is 200. You cannot split this value and print 100 copies of two different designs. Instead, you must print 200 copies of each design, totaling 400 bookmarks.

We also offer discounts on several products when you order above the minimum value, so make sure to read each product’s page for specific details!

Can I order fewer copies of a product than the pre-set amount?


We have already reduced the minimum order quantities to be as low as possible so that everyone involved can benefit. If we go any lower, our sources would be unable to turn a profit and consequently be unwilling to produce.

Do you offer custom orders for your products?

This depends on how many designs you are ordering and the quantity of each product you wish to produce. If the number is great enough, we can issue a custom order for you, or open up a small group order to fill the outstanding volume required.

This service is largely dependent on our schedule, and we may refuse to offer you this service. Depending on the cost of production we may ask you to wire the payment directly to our Korean bank.

3. Payment

We only accept payment via PayPal. However, PayPal will process credit card payments without a PayPal account. All payments are processed in USD.

I don’t have PayPal or a credit card. Is there any other way for me to send money to you?

If you absolutely cannot pay us through PayPal, please email us with further details regarding your circumstances.

What is a late fee?

Due to the nature of group orders, all clients must adhere to a deadline to ensure timely delivery for everyone participating. As such, we charge a late fee of $5 USD per file if you miss our deadline by fewer than 24 hours.

Please note that certain products require multiple files per design. For example, bookmarks require 2 files (for the front and the back of the bookmark) and would result in a total late fee of $10 USD.

If you miss our deadline by greater than 24 hours, your order shall be canceled, and you will not be refunded. We do our best to accommodate our clients, but as we work with multiple artists for each of our group orders, we cannot delay our entire production for one or two people.

If you think you will be unable to meet our deadlines, please email us to keep us up-to-date on your status so we can best assist you. We recommend that you do not sign up for products that you are not certain that you can meet the deadlines for.

I can’t make the deadline. Can I get a refund?

The general answer is NO. Because we mainly work in a group order system, artists canceling last minute puts everyone in the order in a rough spot and it is unfair for us and the rest of the artist for an individual to pull out. Only sign up if you are serious about making merch and can submit your designs on time. If you are requesting a refund less than 1 week before the art due date, we will not consider your case.

4. Shipping

Our main provider for shipping is Korea Post, and we have used them for several years. They have proven to be reliable and timely for as long as we have worked with them.

What type of shipping do you provide?

We offer Standard Shipping, Commercial Postage (CP), and Express Mail Service (EMS) for most clients. You can select a shipping option during checkout. Please carefully read about the different shipping options available.

EMS (express) shipping comes with:

  • Tracking
  • ~1 week delivery time
  • if packages are returned to us, there are no return fees that the customer will need to cover
  • Please note that EMS packages do get checked more often by customs, so there are higher chances that the customer may need to pay customs fees once the package enters the destination country.

CP (commercial postage) shipping comes with:

  • Tracking
  • ~1.5-2 week delivery time (or more depending on the destination country)
  • If packages are returned to us, there will be a return fee that the customer will need to cover

Standard light package:

  • No tracking
  • ~3-5 weeks delivery time
  • If packages get lost, we will have a very hard time tracking it down and if it does get returned to us, it can take up to 2 months


Will I get a tracking number?

Standard shipping does not come with tracking, but CP and EMS do. If you require tracking, you must upgrade to either CP or EMS shipping.

Once your order is marked complete, a tracking code will also show up in your order page. Please keep track of your package so that it does not get returned to us.


I noticed that some products have a later shipping date (e.g. Tapes, charm wipers, and Card wallets).

However, I also ordered products with earlier shipping date (e.g. Paper products). Will my order be shipped separately or all together?

Orders with multiple products with different shipping date will be shipped together on the later shipping date. However, if you wish for the earlier products to be shipped separately, send in separate orders.

Can you deal with customs for us?


We have zero control over customs. There may be additional fees that you will need to pay based on your country’s customs, so please be prepared to pay for that if it occurs.

Feel free to email us if you need any additional assistance when dealing with customs.

I entered an incorrect shipping address. Help!

We ask you to confirm your address with us at checkout.

In the unlikely event that the address you have given us is incorrect and the package cannot be delivered, the responsibility and the associated costs are yours.

If you notice the error prior to delivery, please update us with your correct address.

I need to update my shipping address. What do I do?

It is your responsibility to keep us posted on any changes to your address. If you need to change your shipping address, please inform us ASAP. Update your address in “My Account” Page and send us an email about the change at jimiagencyinc@gmail.com. If we already have shipped your package, there is nothing we can do.

Can I request another postal service?

This depends on your specific situation. If this is relevant to you, please email us with more details. We reserve the right to refuse such requests, however.

5. Other Information

Could you review my submissions?

We make sure to review any and every file that is submitted to us. If we find any issues with your designs, we will inform you and provide guidance on how to best address those problems.

If you wish to take advantage of this added service, please send your files to us extremely early. Also, please read over the instructions located on each product page carefully before requesting us to review your files.

How will you use my art for “Promotional Purposes?”

If you elect to allow us to use your art for promotional purposes, we will only make use of your artwork to promote and advertise our printing services. We will not directly profit from your artwork whatsoever.

If we use your artwork in any of our promotions, we will always credit you/the artist and may slightly alter your artwork (e.g. crop the image to better suit our product shot, etc.).