How to Order

  1. Check our group order dates.
    • We will announce our group order schedule ahead of time on our website, mailing list, and social media platforms.
    • We open up orders for a set period of time (usually for 1 week).
    • There are limited spots for most of our products, so sign up quickly!


  2. Check our current product line up list.
    • Check what products we are offering this round –> Our Current product page will showcase what you can order.
    • We do not offer all our products for each group order.
    • Read up on our products by visiting their product pages.


  3. Select the products you are ordering and place them in your shopping cart.
    • Be sure to double check item quantities, design counts, and other selectable options.


  4. Pay for your products at checkout.
    • Make sure your shipping address is correct and up to date.
    • Make an Account with us.
    • Congratulations, you have reserved your spot! Now it’s time to produce your artwork!
  5. Know when your art files are due!
    • Please check our Order schedule page for the art due date. Upload your design before the due date/time to avoid any late fees.
  6. Create! Draw! Design away! Make sure your images are formatted correctly.
    • Use the templates given to you to avoid issues.
    • Carefully read ALL the guidelines and instructions.
    • If you have any further questions, email us at with questions about your files.

How to format your product files:

  1. Download the templates for each product (located on the product page and My Account page).
  2. Please read instructions on the templates, information pages, and/or further guidelines included in the downloadable templates .zip packages.
  3. Double check that your files are formatted correctly (CYMK/bleed/file naming).
  4. Upload your files on the order details page (found in your order history).
  5. If we require you to make edits, please be ready to do so.
  6. Upload your final files before our art file due date, or additional late fees will be applied.
  7. Files submitted 24 hours after our official due date will not be part of the group order. No refunds will be issued.

Things to double check!

Please check our order schedule on our Order schedule page.

  • Art files due date / estimated shipping dates.

Check your file format and file names.

  • Refer to the instructions in your templates and guidelines included in your downloadable package per each product.

Double and triple check your shipping address:

  • We ship your products to you so make sure your address is correct. Lost or returned packages due to faulty address is not JiMiAgency’s responsibility. Additional shipping cost will be charged for packages that need to be shipped off again.