Holo Glow Phone holder


Our phone holders not only help you hold your phone, but it can also help you find them especially in the dark with its glow in the dark function.

minimum of 20 pieces per design

add increments of 10 per design after initialĀ  20 copies/design

Price per Holder
20-50 phone holders $4.25
60-150 phone holders $3.65
160-200 phone holders $3.45
210+ phone holders $3.15

Out of stock


  • Printed on glow in the dark Hologram PVC
  • image circle size: 37mm X 37mm
  • actual printed image: 35mm X 35mm
  • attachment surface (to the phone) 40mm by 40mm
  • height (unextended) ~8mm
  • height (extended) up to 23mm
  • Work in 300dpi (CYMK)
  • Min 20 copies/design
    • can add increments of 10 per design

Additional information

Weight .015 kg

JiMi Holo Glow Phone holder


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