Holo Clear Sticker sheets (Kiss Cut)

$115.00 USD$220.00 USD/design

Our Holo Clear Sticker Sheets are made with the same material as our clear tapes Plus the Sandust Hologram coating. It helps your sticker artwork give that extra shine!

# sticker sheets/design Price Price per sheet
50 sheets $115 $2.30
100 sheets $150 $1.50
200 sheets $220 $1.10


  • 50/100/200 sticker sheets/design
  • 9cm by 12cm sticker sheets (dimension changed Nov 2022)
  • Kiss Cut
  • Clear Stickers (same as our Clear tapes)
  • Designs with White masking layer –>Yellow adhesive sheet
  • Designs with no White masking layer –> White adhesive sheet
  • with new different prism coating options

JiMi Holo Clear sticker sheets NEW


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