Holo Clear Sticker sheets (Kiss Cut)


Our Holo Clear Sticker Sheets are made with the same material as our clear tapes Plus the Sandust Hologram coating. It helps your sticker artwork give that extra shine!

# sticker sheets/design Price Price per sheet
50 sheets $115 $2.30
100 sheets $150 $1.50
200 sheets $220 $1.10


  • 50/100/200 sticker sheets/design
  • 9cm by 12cm sticker sheets (dimension changed Nov 2022)
  • Kiss Cut
  • Clear Stickers (same as our Clear tapes)
  • Designs with White masking layer –>Yellow adhesive sheet
  • Designs with no White masking layer –> White adhesive sheet
  • with new different prism coating options

Additional information

Weight N/A

JiMi Holo Clear sticker sheets NEW


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